Other Stones

The ritual and associated positive feelings of placing a small stone at a loved-one’s gravesite, and keeping a piece of that same stone as fond reminder and connection to the departed, can be experienced and celebrated by all. While flowers are a good metaphor for the brevity of life, stones remind us that there is permanence amidst the pain, and that souls endure. GraceStones feature an embossed simple cross, and BlissStones include an infinity symbol

GraceStones feature an embossed simple cross.

BlissStones feature an embossed infinity symbol.


Handmade in Vermont from natural sand and plant-based resin, MitzvahStonesmeasure about 1-1/2 inches wide X 2-1/2 inches long X 1/2-inch high, and weigh about 2 ounces. Each stone features an embossed Star of David on top, and should the visitor wish to leave a stone and keep part of that same stone as a remembrance touchstone, MitzvahStones are designed to easily snap apart.

MitzvahStones easily snap in two, so you can place a stone on the gravestone of your departed loved one, and keep part of that same stone as a memory touchstone of your beloved.


Custom Stones

MitzvahStones can be made in most any color that sand exists, and for a special fee, the stones can be made from sand provided by you. For more information on custom orders, please contact us.



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